KCGS Mailing Lists

Informational mailing list GENDERSTUDIES

GENDERSTUDIES is an informational mailing list on gender studies which provides scholars from the former USSR with information about international conferences, seminars, publications, scholarships, web-resources, programs concerned with gender studies.

GENDERSTUDIES serves as an informational network between gender\women's studies in Western countries and forming gender community in NIS countries, allowing Post-Soviet scholars and teachers to join into international informational exchange. It is the only academic mailing list on gender/women's issues in the former USSR which for today is the most informative one in the Eastern Europe and one of a number of the international mailing lists on gender/women's studies.

There are more than 400 subscribers from 35 countries in the list; information traffic is 10 - 20 messages per week.

Discussion mailing list KCGS_DISCUSSIONS

KCGS_DISCUSSIONS is an academic maling list on gender studies for the countries of the former USSR. It is designed in the framework of "University Network on Gender Studies for the Countries of the Former USSR" project to facilitate free communication of teachers, scholars and degree students specializing in gender studies.

How to Subscribe

To receive mailing list messages at the address from which you're sending your mail, simply send a blank letter to genderstudies-subscribe@kcgs.org.ua to subscribe to GENDERSTUDIES mailing list or to kcgs_discussions-subscribe@kcgs.org.ua


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